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Ion Exchange Resins

Ion Exchange Resins

Ion exchange (IX) resins are polymers that are capable of exchanging ions with ions in a solution that is passed through them.

Ion exchange resins are used to remove dissolved particles from liquids. Therefore, functional groups are bonded to the polymer beads. These functionalized polymers adsorb particular anions or cations from the liquid and discharge others.

While membrane technology is very cost-efficient for water with a high salt content, only ion exchange resins can purify water with low salt concentrations to the point where only trace amounts remain.


Areas of application:

– Industrial process and wastewater treatment

– Water recycling

– Production of ultrapure water

– Drinking water treatment

– Catalysis


Main industries:

– Power generation

– Food industry

– Chemical and petrochemical industries

– Pharmaceuticals industry

– Electronics industry

– Metal processing industry

– Mining

Major resin types & applications:


Strong Acid Ction Exchange Resins (SAC)


Two bed and mixed bed demineralization

Condensate polishing


Weak Acid Ction Exchange Resins (WAC)

Resin for stand-alone dealkalization

Demineralization in conjunction with SAC resin.

Softening of high TDS waters.


Strong Base Anion Exchange Resins (SBA)

Demineralization of waters including removal of silica.


Weak Base Anion Exchange Resins (WBA)

Demineralization of waters, especially with high content of

strong minerals and /or organic substances


Pre Mixed Ion Exchange Resins

Ready-to-use regenerable or non-regenerable

Service deionization, polishing and cartridge applications

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