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Nano Filtration

can operate at lower pressures and offer selective solute rejection based on both size and charge.

Nano Filtration

Nanofiltration is a separation process characterized by organic, thin-film composite membranes with a pore size range of 0.2 to 10 nm. Unlike reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, which reject all solutes, NF membranes can operate at lower pressures and offer selective solute rejection based on both size and charge

With a pore size between 0.2-10 nm, Nanofiltration membranes allow water and some salts to pass through the membrane while retaining multivalent ions, low molecular weight molecules, sugars, proteins, and other organic compounds.

Nanofiltration membranes overall are also able to greatly reduce levels of hardness, nitrates, sulfates, tannins, turbidity, colour, TDS, and moderate levels of salt from feed water streams.


NF Applications:
NF membranes offer greater selectivity of ions vs. reverse osmosis membranes that reject all ion species in a feed stream. This unique characteristic provides flexibility in separation process development that can greatly impact performance and profitability, especially for industrial applications. Here are some common applications of NF membrane technology.


Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment:
– Removal of natural organic matter in water and wastewater treatment.
– Reduction of hardness in water purification.
– Sulfate removal from seawater and chemical processes.
– Removal of nitrates, sulfates, tannins, turbidity, colour … etc from water.
– Desalting of process streams in various industries.
– Removal of heavy metals from wastewater.


– Lactose and whey demineralization in dairy processing.
– Lactose and whey concentration.

Our Systems


MDC Water offers a wide range of Nano-filtration systems for all applications.


Nano-filtration systems are very similar in design to reverse osmosis systems, but can be operated with lower pressure and may require more customized features to meet specific process application requirements.


At the design of each system we focus to use the most appropriate raw materials, The basic components of any Nano-filtration systems consists of membranes, pressure vessels that contain the membranes coupled with the structure which cohere the configuration, as well as high pressure pumps and pre/post treatments of the plant.


Our Nano-filtration systems, designed from our experts and manufactured in our production line, are using state of the art equipment in order to provide:

  • High quality water at minimum production cost.
  • Minimize the frequency of chemical cleaning.
  • Stable and trouble free operation.
  • Flexibility for the design, from our standard production program to tailor-made, turn-key solutions.
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