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Cooling & Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals:

Most process industries require cooling water for various applications around the plant. The operation of cooling water structure entails continuing costs for improved reliability and performance. Major problems include scaling, corrosion, fouling and bio-fouling.  Without the use of effective processes and treatment to control microbiological growth, employees and the community may be exposed to health risks.

Our cooling solutions offer a full range of water treatments for use in cooling towers and both open and closed cooling water systems. Our treatments are applicable for hard and soft water conditions, inhibiting scale and corrosion, and anti-foulants.  We also offer a complete portfolio of filtration and chemistry products for softening, filtering, and wastewater reuse.

In treating an entire cooling water structure, MDC Water provides its customers with a total solution which results in increased efficiency and reliability in your monitoring, control and maintenance of your water cooling systems. Our cooling solutions also help to minimize the abstraction of water from our seas and other natural water sources.  This reduced water consumption also lowers the environmental impact of your operation.


Our high performance cooling water chemicals include:

Corrosion Inhibitors.

Scale Inhibitors.
Multifunctional additives.

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals:

Heat transfer and steam generating efficiency are critical metrics for any steam generating system and can impact everything from fuel costs to maintenance expenses and unscheduled outages. Deposition and corrosion are two key problems that can negatively affect these metrics as well as the overall reliability of the system.

Corrosion will reduce metal thickness of tubes or shell. Result : pressure must be reduced and finally boiler condemned.

Scale reduces the heat flow from fire side to water. Result : high fire temperatures are needed to maintain down is insufficient.

MDC Water has innovative boiler water treatment solutions for any size boiler application. We focus on key customer concerns such as corrosion, scale and condensate return.


Our high performance boiler water chemicals include:
Oxygen Scavengers.
Scale Inhibitors.
Condensate Corrosion Inhibitors.
Multifunctional additives .
pH Regulation.
Mud Removers.

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